Convenient Eyeglass Prescriptions & Repairs

Find the eyeglass prescriptions and repairs you need for any situation at Dowling Optical in Centerville, Massachusetts. We fill prescriptions to your exact specifications, and we have established exceptional relationships with the optometrist in town to ensure all of our patients receive the best quality care.

Eyeglass Prescriptions

Because we understand everyone has their own needs, we make sure your glasses are made specifically for you. We value accuracy, so we perform own finish work. Choose from a wide variety of fashionable lenses to complete the look.

Comprehensive eye exams and contact fittings available with Dr. Linda Botello.  Please call for an appointment at 508-771-1900

• Eyewear for All Ages
• Swim Glasses
• Diving Masks
• Motorcycle Goggles
• Safety Eye Wear
• Optical Quality
  Nonprescription Sunglasses
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Repair Work

At Dowling Optical, we have the tools and experiences necessary to handle a wide variety of repairs for your glasses. We offer some complimentary repairs that can include including fixing loose glasses and screws.

Contact us today in Centerville, Massachusetts, for excellent deals on eyeglass repairs and prescriptions.